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Ocean Mamaz

Empowering Communities and Protecting Nature

Along the picturesque shores of Kilifi, a powerful movement is taking root. The Ocean Mamaz, a team of about twenty women, all self-organised, are a testament to what communities can achieve when united by a common cause. Registered as a self-help group in August 2023, these fifteen members from the Mijikenda village, specifically the Giriama tribe, are not just cleaning beaches—they are cultivating a future where both people and nature thrive together.

A Force to be Reckoned with Weekly

Since their inception and with the support of  Ocean Sole, the Ocean Mamaz have dedicated themselves to the dual goals of empowering their community and conserving the environment. Through their efforts, over 600 kilograms of plastic have been removed from the beaches and recycled, turning a source of pollution into a pathway to sustainability. They monitor nearly 20 km of Kenyan beaches.

Education Through Action

The influence of the Ocean Mamaz extends into the next generation, as beautifully exemplified by Sally Moguvelo, the team captain. Sally involves her daughter in the clean-ups, instilling in her a profound understanding of the impacts of plastic pollution. "With the work I do at Ocean Sole, cleaning our beaches weekly, I sometimes involve my daughter (8 years old) to participate in the cleans. Through that, she is educated about plastic pollution and she knows throwing plastic anywhere is harmful to the fish and turtles," shares Sally.

Partnerships for Greater Impact

Their commitment has attracted the attention of major conservation organizations like World Wildlife Fund-Kenya, Plan International, Kenya Wildlife Service and Hand in Hand Eastern Africa, which have offered additional training and support. By partnering with Friends of Nature and supported by Leaf Charity, the Ocean Mamaz also engage in mangrove planting, further protecting the coastal ecosystems that are vital to their community. To date their organised groups  have planted over 10,000 mangroves.

Continuous Impact

In 2023 alone, the Ocean Mamaz conducted 30 beach clean-ups, and despite challenges with cyclones and flooding,, they have already completed 10 in 2024. These efforts not only cleanse their environment but also provide economic opportunities through the sale of the collected plastics to organisations that upcycle or recycle their found trash.

A Model of Community Empowerment

The story of the Ocean Mamaz is a powerful reminder of how environmental conservation can foster community empowerment. Through their actions, these women are not only guardians of the coast but also builders of a sustainable future for their community.

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Join us in supporting the Ocean Mamaz, who are truly transforming the landscape of conservation and community empowerment. Their dedication is a beacon of hope and an inspiring model for communities worldwide.

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