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Case Study: Empowering Fashion with Purpose: The Chloe Collaboration

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Luxury Fashion Brand





To combine fashion and conservation efforts by transforming flip-flop waste into vibrant, eco-conscious fashion statements, thereby promoting sustainability, enhancing brand values, and spreading a powerful message of creative reuse on global stages.


Project Vision

In 2021, under the visionary leadership of Gabriella Hearst, esteemed French luxury design house Chloé joined forces with Ocean Sole, a Kenyan social enterprise. This venture, a key part of the Chloé Craft initiative, aimed to integrate handcrafted artisan work into luxury fashion. The partnership debuted the eco-conscious Lou flip flop, which combines luxury with sustainability, on the prestigious Paris fashion week.


Chloé's commitment to incorporating artisanal craftsmanship into its high-fashion lineup was designed to test the scalability of unique products on a global stage while maintaining stringent luxury standards. This initiative aligns with Chloé's dedication to infusing its products with social and environmental responsibility - a vision fully realized with Ocean Sole.

Impact & Outcomes

  • Production Achievement: The collaboration successfully produced over 5,000 flip flop slabs, satisfying global demand.

  • Community Benefit: The project provided stable employment for over 150 artisans during the COVID-19 pandemic, offering significant support to the local community.

  • Industry Recognition: Gabriela Hearst noted, "The parameter of the collection is that it would have to work with waste, because we have limited natural resources. All of our Chloé Craft partners have been vetted for both a social and eco-conscious mindset."


Gabriella Hearst expressed her excitement about the collaboration:


"These smile-generating, multicolored, deep-soled Chloé flip-flops brought joy and irrepressible smiles to the new collection. All those multi-color layers were once flip-flops in Africa. They’re from Ocean Sole, which I’ve been eager to work with for a long time. It’s a Kenyan nonprofit that collects flip-flops from the ocean—they even create flip-flop art."

Erin Smith, CEO of Ocean Sole, reflected, “This project was a challenge, but the creativity and can-do spirit of our Kenyan artisans were key to its success. Having our work featured at Paris Fashion Week was an incredible honor, showcasing the heights that sustainable luxury fashion can reach.”



The collaboration between Chloé and Ocean Sole exemplifies the power of combining luxury fashion with sustainable practices. Through the creation of the Lou flip flop, this partnership not only showcased the beauty of artisanal craftsmanship but also provided stable employment for over 150 artisans in Kenya during challenging times. The success of this initiative underscores the potential for global brands to prioritize social and environmental responsibility while delivering innovative and stylish products. As we continue to champion sustainable initiatives, let us embrace the "art of the possible" and explore further collaborations that make a positive impact on both people and the planet.

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