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create an experience with us


Are you interested in collaborating with Ocean Sole for an event, exhibit, or art installation on behalf of yourself or your company? We would love to join forces and create art with a purpose together.

work with us


Are you interested in forming a CSR partnership? We are seeking collaboration with companies that align with our core values and objectives. Consider sponsoring activities such as a beach clean in your honor or supporting turtle hatchling conservation on Kilifi Beach, among other meaningful initiatives!

Chloe Partnership Beach Clean 2021 Image 44.jpg

design with us


Do you want to collaborate and design your very own product made from upcycled flip flops? Our skilled team of artisans love a challenge and can work to bring your ideas to life. 


Transform your brand's presence with a touch of creative responsibility. 

Our first partnership pillar, "Create an Experience," invites you to redefine and elevate your spaces with Ocean Sole’s sustainable art. Here's how we do it:

Enhance Your Brand & Space:

Partner with Ocean Sole to infuse your brand, spaces, and events with unique, eco-friendly art installations that do more than just occupy space; they tell a story, your story

Customized Art Installations:

We craft visually stunning art pieces that align perfectly with your brand values and campaign themes, ensuring every installation has a purpose and supports your project, mission, or objective.

Benefits of Partnership:

  • Brand Differentiation: Stand out with unique, sustainable art installations that weave your brand’s narrative.

  • Customer Engagement: Create unforgettable experiences that resonate with your audience's environmental values.

  • Publicity & Recognition: Earn positive attention and accolades for your commitment to sustainability and art patronage.

  • Proven Success: Join the ranks of renowned partners like Boston Dynamics, Crush Studios—Disney, and McKee Botanical Gardens, who've all crafted memorable stories with us.

Comprehensive Support:

  • Design Consultation: Collaborate with us from ideation to creation for installations that reflect your brand's ethos.

  • Marketing & PR Support: Leverage our promotional expertise to spotlight your installation across various channels.

  • Sustainability Reporting: Share your environmental impact with metrics that matter, enhancing your sustainability communications.

  • Join Us: Imagine the potential of your space transformed. Reach out to discuss a bespoke project that places your brand at the forefront of sustainable innovation and creativity.

Let's craft an experience that speaks volumes about your brand’s dedication to a better, greener future. Contact Ocean Sole, and let's create art that inspires and advocates for the environment.

an Ocean Sole experience 

at KAUST university

Kaust University Logo

Bridging Science with Art and Innovation

In early 2023,  Ocean Sole collaborated with King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia for an enriching cultural experience through art for their students and University eco-system. This partnership during KAUST’s Winter Enrichment Program exemplifies the synergy between environmental art and academic research, showcasing Ocean Sole's dedication to integrating these realms.


Elevate your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy with Ocean Sole

Our second partnership pillar, "Work With Us" is an opportunity to synchronize our efforts with your CSR objectives to foster a greener, cleaner planet:

CSR Alignment:

We specialize in aligning with your company's CSR goals through meaningful environmental initiatives that make a real difference.

Engagement Opportunities:

Benefits of Partnership:

Dive into hands-on experiences like beach clean-ups, recycling drives, and educational campaigns, each designed to combat plastic pollution and champion sustainability.

  • Enhanced CSR Image: Demonstrate your commitment to the environment by actively participating in conservation efforts.

  • Employee Engagement: Unite your team with activities that are not only engaging but also contribute positively to our planet.

  • Tangible Impact: Offer clear, quantifiable environmental impact metrics that add substance to your CSR reports.

Comprehensive Support:

  • Event Organization: Let us facilitate impactful CSR events that leave a lasting impression.

  • Employee Engagement Programs: Benefit from tailored programs that align with your CSR objectives and empower your workforce.

  • Impact Measurement: Utilize our tools for measuring the true impact of your CSR initiatives and effectively communicating your success.

Success in Action:

Follow in the footsteps of responsible leaders like Honda, Rock the Ocean, and participants in the Canada Expo who have made significant strides with us towards sustainability.

Let’s make your CSR commitments stand out. Engage with Ocean Sole to harness the power of collective action for a more sustainable future. Reach out to us, and together we can chart a course towards a cleaner, greener earth.

make an impact by giving back

sponsored by ROCK THE OCEAN

Ocean Sole and Rock the Ocean Foundation Unite to "Let's Rock the Ocean" in Kenya

Rock the Ocean Logo

In an inspiring collaboration with the Rock the Ocean Foundation. Ocean Sole hosted the transformative "Let's Rock the Ocean" event at the eco-friendly Distant Relatives Ecolodge. This gathering of minds and spirits brought together 67 changemakers and 21 organizations from across the globe, each dedicated to pivotal areas of marine conservation. This blog delves into the heart of the event, the launch of the Ocean Sole Turtle Watch Initiative, and the ripple effect of collaborative projects sparked under the Kenyan sky.


Innovation Through Collaboration: Collaborate with us to create unique and sustainable art.

Join forces with Ocean Sole for our third pillar and co-create products that aren't just innovative but are inspirations for a sustainable tomorrow. Here’s the essence of what we offer:

Innovation Through Collaboration:

We're on a mission to partner with forward-thinking brands, designers, and creators to turn recycled materials into something extraordinary – from chic fashion pieces to stylish furniture and innovative tech accessories.

Collaboration Journey:

Engage with Ocean Sole as we take you through a flexible and creative process that transforms ideas into reality. We are committed to working closely with our partners to ideate, design, and execute projects that resonate with shared goals of sustainability and innovation.

Benefits of Partnership:

  • Innovation & Creativity: Stand out with unique, sustainable products crafted from recycled materials.

  • Sustainability Leadership: Bolster your brand's reputation as a leader in sustainable innovation.

  • Market Expansion: Gain entrance to an emerging market of consumers who are passionate about sustainability.

Ocean Sole’s Role:

  • Product Development Expertise: Tap into our knowledge of sustainable design to create your next product.

  • Co-Branding Opportunities: Enhance your market presence with Ocean Sole’s esteemed brand recognition.

  • Global Market Reach: Showcase your collaborative products to Ocean Sole’s worldwide audience.

Success Stories:

Our collaboration roster includes dynamic names like Chloe, Firefly, and innovators in iPhone design, each a testament to what we can achieve together.

Ready to be the next success story? Whether your brand is a household name or a rising star, let’s brainstorm how our partnership can bring sustainable innovation to the forefront of your product line. Contact Ocean Sole and let’s design the future.

with us

Ocean Sole X Chloé

Empowering Fashion with Purpose: The Chloé Collaboration

Chloe Fashion House Logo

Join us in revisiting the remarkable partnership between Ocean Sole and Chloé, where fashion meets conservation. Learn how our innovative approach to recycling transformed flip-flop waste into a vibrant, eco-conscious fashion statement showcased on global stages. Dive into the details of how this collaboration not only elevated brand values but also spread a powerful message of sustainability and creative reuse.

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