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Case Study: Ocean Sole and Rock the Ocean Foundation Unite to "Let's Rock the Ocean" in Kenya

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Marine Conservation



Rock the Ocean Foundation


To bring together passionate changemakers and organizations dedicated to marine conservation, fostering a collaborative environment where innovative solutions can be shared and new initiatives launched to protect our oceans and marine life.



Ocean Sole, a social enterprise transforming ocean debris into impactful art and functional items, teamed up with the Rock the Ocean Foundation to host the "Let's Rock the Ocean" event at Distant Relatives Ecolodge in Kenya. The event aimed to unite global conservation leaders to discuss and address key issues in marine conservation.

Marine ecosystems face significant threats from plastic waste, pollution, habitat degradation, and declining biodiversity. Engaging diverse stakeholders to develop collaborative, actionable solutions is essential but challenging due to the complexity of marine conservation issues and the need for coordinated efforts across various sectors.



The "Let's Rock the Ocean" event was designed to foster collaboration and innovation among participants. Key focus areas included tackling marine litter, rescuing and rehabilitating marine wildlife, advocating for beach cleanups, restoring marine habitats, and enhancing ocean literacy and education. A novel networking activity, "Do Good Dating," was introduced to facilitate meaningful connections and discussions among participants.


  • Event Organization: Held at the eco-friendly Distant Relatives Ecolodge, the event gathered 67 change-makers  and 21 organizations.

  • Thematic Sessions: Workshops and discussions covered marine litter, wildlife rescue, beach cleanups, habitat restoration, and ocean education.

  • Networking: "Do Good Dating" facilitated dynamic networking among conservationists.

  • Initiative Launch: The Ocean Sole Turtle Watch Initiative was launched, accredited by the Kenya Wildlife Service.

  • Educational Program: Pre-event activities for local schools emphasized youth involvement in ocean conservation.

  • Evening Activities: The screening of "Bahari Yetu" under the stars reinforced the day's themes and fostered a sense of community.


  • Collaborative Projects: Four new projects emerged, focusing on turtle and coral reef conservation, transforming marine litter into housing materials, and mangrove planting.

  • Increased Awareness: Enhanced public involvement and awareness through shared ideas and improved beach cleanup strategies.

  • Youth Engagement: Local school programs empowered future generations to take part in marine conservation efforts.


“It is so exciting to be able to host an event that brings true on-the-ground changemakers together to innovate and collaborate


- Ocean Sole Coastal Manager

Thomas Sagimo 



With the support of the Rock the Ocean Foundation, Ocean Sole is leading a movement in marine conservation through collaboration, education, and innovative action. The success of "Let's Rock the Ocean" highlights the power of collective efforts in addressing marine conservation challenges and sets the stage for ongoing initiatives to safeguard our oceans for future generations.

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