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Community Education:

Spreading Our Mission Through Community Education

At Ocean Sole, education is at the heart of our mission to protect our oceans and promote sustainable living. We offer a variety of engaging and impactful educational programs designed to inspire and empower individuals of all ages to take action for a cleaner, healthier planet. Our programs include:

Youth Education:

We believe in nurturing the next generation of ocean stewards. Our youth programs focus on ocean conservation, recycling, and sustainable living. Through interactive activities such as watching educational films, creating masks, learning how to make bracelets, and interviewing our talented artisans, young participants gain a hands-on understanding of the importance of protecting our marine environment.



In 2023, we conducted weekly youth education seminars at our Nairobi workshop, inspiring 1,971 children.

and counting


This year, 2024, we set a goal to double our youth programs and have already hosted 1,598 participants in our conservation education seminars!


We invite corporate groups to immerse themselves in our social enterprise and conservation efforts. Our workshops provide a unique opportunity for teams to learn about our community impact, engage in meaningful projects like bracelet-making, interview our artisans, and sometimes even create their own art pieces. These experiences foster team building while promoting corporate social responsibility. To date, we have welcomed 9 corporate groups to our workshop, engaging over 100 professionals in our programs.


We extend our educational impact by speaking at conferences, corporate events, and universities around the world. Our "What the Flip Flop?" presentations highlight the innovative ways we transform ocean-bound flip flops into art and raise awareness about marine pollution. Additionally, we conduct quarterly "Let's Do Good Together" educational seminars for other social enterprises, non-profits, and community-based organizations in Kilifi, Kenya. These sessions have inspired nearly 500 participants in 2024.

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We are also developing our own educational tools, including the TurtleSafe program and interactive activities about the Indian Ocean. These resources aim to deepen understanding of our work and demonstrate practical steps individuals can take to make a difference.

Join us in our journey to educate and inspire action for our oceans. Together, we can create a sustainable future for our planet.

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